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Default Re: The Best-Laid Plans......

Here's another one that I quite enjoyed thinking up, but had to scrap due to the fact that it would have interfered with the storyline plans for.....well, everyone.

Ultimate DC: Luthor's World Order

Specifically UDCv2, but major portions of this were originally conceived back in UDCv1, so I consider it a concept for both games.

When Season 1 of UDCv2 ended, Lex Luthor had unveiled his master plan to Superman: create massive global upheaval via a worldwide nuclear holocaust, rebuilding civilization completely from scratch according to the vision of himself and the other members of the Society. With Superman dying from Kryptonite poisoning aboard Luthor's Watchtower on the moon, and no one else in the Justice League aware of what had happened, there seemed to be nothing standing in the way between Lex and world domination.

When Season 2 picked up, the plan had been subverted by a mysterious interloper, who would later be revealed to be Brainiac. However, that wasn't what I originally had in mind. In my original plan, Lex's master plan would be stopped by.....nothing at all.

Lex and the Society carry out the greatest act of mass murder in human history, wiping entire nations off the map, and bringing civilization crashing down. Convinced he's no longer a threat, Lex dumps Superman and Lois Lane off in the Arctic and leaves them to die, before heading back into the world to go about the process of reconstruction. Superman and Lois survive thanks to a monitoring device inside Kal-El's ship, which finds the dying Kryptonian and transforms into a shelter around him, becoming the Fortress of Solitude. Clark eventually recuperates from the Kryptonite poisoning and returns to Metropolis, to find the world has completely changed.

Metropolis is the one major city not hit by the nuclear attack, and thus becomes the de facto capital of a recovering world. It's choked with refugees from other cities, and brutally policed by LexCorp's private security forces. With conventional energy sources eliminated, survivors are completely dependent on Luthor's mysterious free-energy source called 'The Blue' (revealed to be a comatose Dr. Manhattan, since UDCv2 allowed characters from Watchmen and Vertigo, etc), making Lex the one lifeline keeping society going.

Across the world, the Society enforces order. The remaining populations of China, Japan, India, and southeast Asia are brought under the heel of Ra's al Ghul. Russia and Western Europe unite under the iron-clad rule of Vandal Savage. Felix Faust uses his magical power to restore stability to Eastern Europe. All of whom spread Luthor's Blue-powered technology to their regions to create a world order that views Luthor and his cronies as their savior from an apocalyptic wasteland.

Of course, not everyone takes all this lying down. Wonder Woman (assuming that Superman's still out of action from the K-poisoning) leads the League on a crusade to expose and depose Luthor. Batman becomes a major disrupting force against Luthor's mercenary police, who have been abusing the refugees and survivors within the massive ghetto that is the remains of Gotham City. Perry White and the Daily Planet crew become an underground pirate press, spreading information tying Luthor to the attacks that destroyed the world in the first place. Millions of refugees escape the land and head to sea, living among a massive fleet of ships ranging from cruise ships to fishing boats, a floating city patrolled and protected by Aquaman.

The Society brands the League as terrorists trying to destabilize the global order, and secretly unleashes the Legion of Doom on them (the current Legion is led by Vandal Savage, but in the UDCv1 version, it would've been the Joker, and included Parasite, Grodd, Bizarro, Cheetah, Black Manta, and Professor Zoom) While Luthor intends for the Legion of Doom to hunt down and kill the League, Joker betrays him, opting instead to turn his new-found firepower on the surviving cities just for the sheer hell of it. The Justice League spends the majority of the Season attempting to fight off the Legion, as well as liberate the world from Luthor's grip.

This was more of just a 'new status quo' thing rather than a fully fleshed-out story, so I don't have a lot of details in the exact whens and wheres and whys of the three-way world war between the League, the Legion, and the Society, but it ain't pretty, and the body count is pretty staggering. I do know the way I wanted it to end was that the League would revive Dr. Manhattan, who would vaporize Luthor for enslaving him, then leave the Earth without so much as a thank-you-kindly.

However, the League would still have one trick left up their sleeve: a temporal tunneling device based off of the Cosmic Treadmill. Assuming Flash is killed during the final battle, Superman is the only one fast enough to operate it. Harkening back to the end of Superman: The Movie, Clark flies into space and gives the machine every ounce of speed he's got, fueling the device just enough to travel back in time to when Luthor abducted Lois to the Watchtower.

This time, future-Supes grabs the chunk of Kryptonite out of Luthor's hands, flying out into space with the poisonous rock as it kills him, but allows past-Supes to stop Lex, rescue Lois, and prevent the global catastrophe from ever taking place.

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