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Default Re: The Best-Laid Plans......

The Return of Spider-Man (Ultimate Marvel v.1)

For those unaware of this, I got to briefly play Ultimate Spider-Man in Ultimate Marvel after Syn, the previous player, taking over from MB who had played the character after Spider-Man9x17's run, had left the games. Now, while I did get to play him, it was very brief, and I technically was playing Peter Parker/Ricochet, being that I had picked him up after Syn's Ultimate version of "Spider-Man, No More...", in which Peter tried living a normal life after General Nick Fury of SHIELD told him he could not be Spider-Man anymore after an incident at Midtown High involving Peter's rogue clone after having bonded to the Venom Suit.

However, after having tried to live a normal life, Peter realized (with the help of Mary Jane) that he had to resume his superheroic responsibilities. However, he did this under the new identity of "Ricochet", a darker, more serious vigilante employing the use of miniature disc weapons as his primary form of offense. Under this new guise, he could continue to help people and even took down Hydro-Man (a fight I got the pleasure of writing the end to after having been approved before it's conclusion) and that's where I took over.

During my tenure, I had the character form a more friendly bond with his clone, Tarantula, and had another Spider-Man roaming the streets and causing havoc, tarnishing the hero's name (even more). This "Other Spider-Man" was briefly played by Mr. Marko and then Matt Murdock, before the game came to it's end after the initial face-off between Ricochet and the evil Spider-Man. My final post was of Peter awakening from the state of unconsciousness he was left in after his defeat, only to find himself in SHIELD lock-up, and Nick Fury standing outside his cell.

Fury, seeing the impostor and all the destruction he's causing, FINALLY decides to allow Peter to resume being Spider-Man and subsequently releases Peter, allowing him to find the Spider-Fake and challenge him to a rematch. The post ended on an ominous note, with Fury telling his right hand woman as to why he allowed Peter to be Spider-Man again, saying how it didn't matter, because as soon as he was legal, Parker would be under his control, whether he wanted it or not... They all would (implying every superhuman not already under his employ).

That was when the game unfortunately died and was rebooted. My plans from there were going to be Peter facing his double who would be revealed to be Carnage (as per Matt Murdock's suggestion). However, my original idea while Marko played the fake was going to be that the fake was going to be a long lost clone of Peter and the Ultimate version of Doppelganger, featuring the ability to turn into a more "Spider-like" form, sharing traits with the other clones (Tarantula's extra arms, Spider-Woman's biological webbing, Kaine's "Mark of Kaine" ability) as well as the traditional Doppelganger teeth and animalistic behavior, and he was also going to have stingers like Peter did after "The Other" in 616. However, I decided to have it be the shape-shifting Carnage, being that I didn't really see the need to introduce ANOTHER clone when Carnage could basically be a monstrous Spider-Impostor like I had intended Ultimate Doppelganger to be.

The final fight was intended to take place atop The Daily Bugle, where I was going to have Spider-Man lure the impostor there for the final fight. However, that was just the beginning, as I wanted to eventually move the fight to Times Square, where Carnage would finally be defeated, but Peter lost his mask during the fight...

However, just as camera crews all tried to get a shot of the hero unmasked, every electronic device within range of Peter had mysteriously stopped working, giving Peter ample time to find his mask and swing away, his identity only known to whatever strangers laid eyes on him in Times Square, none of whom knew who he was at all. Just some kid, they thought.

As for the blackout, it was going to be revealed that it was Fury's doing. He didn't want Peter's identity to be made public, so he arranged for one of his SHIELD agents, the Prowler, whom he's ordered to keep tabs on Parker after his release from the Triskelion, to set off an EMP after Peter lost his mask, effectively doing the young hero a favor, and from there, I was going to have the Ultimate version of Prowler be an antagonist/ally of Peter's and even reveal him to be Nick Fury's son...

Also, one of the concepts I wanted to introduce was Peter deciding to take up photography as a high school elective class, as well as have him reveal his identity to J.J. somehow, causing Jameson to no longer slander Spider-Man's name. I also had an idea for Peter to form a "network" of teen heroes for him to call upon for help when there's a huge threat and the Fantastic Four, X-Men and Ultimates are busy, featuring his good clones, Iceman, Johnny Storm and Kitty Pryde as well as other teen heroes he's friends with. I was going to introduce this network when Peter tries to resist being drafted and come into conflict with the "Young Ultimates", Nick Fury's team of underage heroes he wants Spider-Man to join so he can finally be under his thumb, but Spider-Man with the help of Iceman, Human Torch, Kitty Pryde and Tarantula would defeat them and tell Fury off. They were gonna be the new Ultimate Patriot (Rikki Barnes), Ultimate Iron Lad (Amadeus Cho), the previously introduced Kate Bishop (under the codename Mockingbird) and Hulkling, and finally rounding out the team was going to be Ultimate Thunderstrike (Kevin Masterson) based off of the MC2/616 version, son of Eric Masterson, wielding the Thunderstrike Mace, which was going to be similar in look to Ultimate Thor's hammer.

But anyways, that's as much as I had planned... Man what I would give to play Spider-Man again. Oh well...

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