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Default Re: Aaron Johnson May Be Quicksilver

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
Jesus. Disagree with me if you want. But if you want me to start naming PG-13 films with taboo content I would be happy to. And no. I can't name a single mainstream PG13 blockbuster that used incest as a plot point. Nor am I saying that Avengers 2 should use incest as a plot point.

I'm saying that it's an interesting dynamic to drop subtle hints toward BECAUSE it's never been used in a mainstream blockbuster. The comics included it (quite subtly) without even a parental advisory. Just because it's taboo and by yours and my decree "sick and twisted" doesn't mean it doesn't exist in the world.

No one is saying they should advocate inbreeding. Merchandise for Avengers 2 shouldn't include anatomically correct Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch dolls with removable clothing. Nor should they sell two packs of life-size blow up sex dolls. Just like they don't advocate sex with Tony/Pepper. At least, if they did, I must have missed it.

But if it makes for intriguing cinema just like (as some other posters so fairly put) the ever popular Game of Thrones, or Dexter, or the very popular, very taboo, and quite mainstream Stieg Larsson movies. Granted, they are all very graphic but all rated R (or the equivalent). But Hollywood has been known to push the envelope. And you are being naive if you think this topic in PG13 films won't happen someday.

They thought the same about gay and lesbian content in PG13 cinema 10-15 years ago. And then Paranorman came out last year.

I didn't have an interest to see Paranorman but after reading up on it after the bolded part intrigued me I think that it's very cool they did that. Seems to me a great way for children to understand that no two people are the same and that everyone should be respected in their sexual preferences. Great to see something like that in a PG movie, also gives a chance for parents to explain to their kids about what they just saw (hopefully they explain it positively and aren't bashing homosexuality)

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