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Default Re: What do you want to happen in the sequel?

- Lex is not jailed because his Mansion is burned down, and his ship sank into the ocean. There was no evidence.

- Lex blames Superman for the growing island, and eventually the world becomes split on Superman.

- Lex invests in a company and takes over, making Lex Corp.

- Using blood from the piece of kryptonite he broke into Superman's side, he creates Bizarro.

- Lex's Scientists find that due to the blood's extensive exposure to Kryptonite, Bizarro's cellular structure is slowly breaking down.

- Bizarro has memories of Krypton, Lois, etc, that only Superman had. He starts to believe he's Superman and that Superman himself is a phony.

- After fighting, and more and more memories come to Bizarro, he becomes confused. He then turns on Lex and goes a-wol.

I could keep going, but I'm tired. LOL

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