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Default Re: What do you want to happen in the sequel?

Originally Posted by \S/JcDc\S/
Ebert gave Daredevil a thumbs up and not SR... That's wrong
He is wrong about Daredevil (that movie does nothing but suck), but he is right about SR; it just didn't do it for me. It was way to much a tribute to the old films. All I wanted to carry over was the music and Brando. This is a sequel, which makes it a horrible idea from concept to finish considering the old movies weren't exactly awesome by today's standards and they kinda already did sequels twenty years ago and they had the original actors and they sucked without debate (here's an idea, let's make up a villain that never existed in the comics and dress him like a stripper at a gay bar?).

Through the whole SReturns film Brandon was playing Reeves playing Superman playing Kent. I want an original portrayl of Superman; this movie felt made for TV. Where did all the money go? The Kryptonite sets? Two hundred and fifty million dollars...I would have delivered the greatest piece of film in history...the flying scenes looked like they were done twenty years ago (there has to be a more practical way). I want less CGI enhancement of scenes (that is why it looked made for TV); it was overworked. And generally the movie felt surreal the whole time, way too comic book world (reminds me of a problem with the recent Batman); it took itself far too seriously (Lane--Pulitzer Prize?). No, I have a better example of WTF; doing a live news report on board a test flight.

The first movie cost too much and didn't explode at the box office like Warner wanted, the super hero craze is dying, mainly because there have been too many crappy movies based on crap characters (F4) with unbelievably poor casting. I simply don't expect WB to invest in a sequel that is likely to cost more than the first to make.

If there is a direct sequel, they would likely fail with a laughable far fetched character like Brainiac rather than delivering an alien for Superman to fight (Darkseid/Doomsday).

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