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Default Superman Secret Origin reviews

Well, I picked it up today.

Let me say that the art is beautiful. I include the colouring on that as well.

The cover is a nice heavy stock that will probably last a long time and still look great.

Love that Gary Frank makes Clark look like a very young Chris Reeve although I would have been interested in seeing a different look.

Now... the story itself......


There was nothing in there that I found exciting. It's a huge throwback to the Silver Age with a big smooch to Donner. It even ressurects 'Superboy' (even though I knew that was coming, I still wasn't prepared for it to actually occur).

With lesser artwork it would have been a huge Meh... Gary Frank's hand is the only thing that kicked it above that level.

Others will probably enjoy it and I'll probably pick up the whole run just for completion but I'm not impressed.

I think MOS was much better although the characterizations in this were more fleshed out.

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