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Default Re: Superman Secret Origin reviews

Agreed with everything DT said. Rudy dropping a donut on a speckle of toxic waste and that one bite he takes is more than enough to turn him entirely into the Parasite? I just thought that was dumb. I always liked the super-old origin, where the Parasite, pre- and post-crisis, was a shady, untrustworthy, dumb (in the case of Rudy Jones-Parasite, since Maxwell Jensen-Parasite showed much more intelligence in comparison) employee of STAR Labs (or any research facility) who tried to smuggle a canister of bio-hazard waste because he thought either A) there was actually valuables hidden inside and the bio-hazard container was a front to throw others of or B) he could profit from the waste (best origin was in TAS). This version being a fat guy who just wants to eat and eat and eat and gets turned into a (stupid looking) parasite who conviently wants to eat and eat and eat because he greedily ate a floor donut with a little toxic waste on it....

Question for anyone who knows: The Parasite I remember was always able to absorb most energies, including Superman's heat vision. That wasn't the case in this issue. Wasn't that an ability Rudy had from the very beginning or something he gained later on?

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