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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR?

I'm sorta new here but I was thinking about TDKR being not as well liked by a portion of casual movie goers and CBM fans the other day and I had a few thoughts on it. I think the main thing that I've noticed a lot of people have a problem with is that it isn't The Dark Knight. All three movies in this trilogy are different types of films IMO. To me Begins is a coming of age/realizing your destiny type of film, The Dark Knight is a crime drama and Rises is more of an action film. And I think a lot of people were expecting The Dark Knight part 2. Like another crime drama type of film, which is understandable. So during the four year gap TDKR sort of got put on a pedestal and expected to be more like The Dark Knight and that wasn't the case when people saw it. And I don't blame people for wanting another TDK, it's expected, but I also don't blame, and respect, Nolan for not wanting to make the same movie twice. I mean if you're gonna dedicate like 2 years of your life to a film why would you wanna do the same thing you did already?

In terms of ideas and story TDKR is my favorite of the Trilogy and I'm willing to overlook the plot holes and problems because the things it gets right are just really amazing to me. I for sure think
it would have benefited from being split into 2 movies. Idk i just feel there could have been a lot more done with the story if there was more time to flesh some things out (Blake figuring out Bruce is Batman, Banes Revolution, Talia's motivations,Bane's backstory, etc.)

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