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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR?

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
I felt it was fair to give the film another look. I had no intention of buying it on DVD on day one of its release so I waited until it hit the bargain bins at my local retailer coz frankly I don't think it deserved me paying full price. It wasn't so much lowering of expectations, it's more about just accepting it for what it is, I just look at it as a silly popcorn film dressed up to look smarter than it actually is. I just think it's a shame that I can't look at all three films through the same lens. But it is what it is, there's really no point me *****ing about the film any further to be honest, just gotta move on. I still appreciate everything Nolan has done, he's delivered a fantastic Batman series that will last in people's memory's for a long time, and has ticked off pretty much all the important elements and characters of the mythology so in that sense I haven't got too much to complain about. Here endith my issues with Rises.....Justice League is now firmly in my sights.
Again, great post and I probably can't say it any better or clearer. I"m under no illusions that Begins or TDK were perfect films. They weren't. There are definately scenes in BB that make me cringe and some edits or plot holes in TDK that drive me nuts as well. But for me TDKR just didn't work as whole, and I didn't feel that it lived up to the other 2 films. That being said, Nolan's Batman films are probably my favourite trilogy (outside of the original Star Wars films) and got me back into being a Batman fan.

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