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Default Re: What if Galactus looked like this?

amoebas or blob things are great for him in one sense tho, becuz they can kind of embody that mindless drive to consume. which is truly what Galactus is. and if Galactus was actually here on earth, next to us, overflowing, and growing, consuming, unstoppably, that would work a lot better. or if he was somehow eating the entire universe on the way here, so there was like a claustrophobia about his impending arrival, that emptiness was closing in upon us, inevitably, that'd work too.

but that's not really what happens with him. so I think especially amoeba or cloud/energy form is maybe the worst way to go with him. i guess what i mean basically, is that there's no point to amoeba/energy/cloud unless you see it in action.

all depends on the movie tho, like i'm sure everyone can agree on that part about it.

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