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Default Re: What we know about Thor 2 from the Avengers...

Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
I took it as effects that appear from people travelling the Rainbow Bridge, given that it appears when Thor comes. Asgardians probably don't travel there often but since Midgard is the mid realm you would probably pass it even if you're going to another realm, which could be why she's seen it before.
Yes, that does make sense. Yet, how do you explain the fact of Jane being able to detect the bifrost, so she was there when Thor appeared? Again, my issue is the research that led Jane to the EXACT spot of the bifrost opening. My basic question is why was she in the desert to begin with? Why did she bring Selvig with her? Why did she call him to begin with?

I just felt like these basic questions were not answered and I wondered if there was some "comic" explanation I was missing that was answered by the comics.

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