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Default Re: Update the outfit for next solo film

Well, no, it's not being a nut, it's knowing the difference in the characters. When Steve Rodgers was wearing his Agent outfit or his "super soldier" outfit, he was no longer Captain America. Therefore the suit of Agent Rodgers is not a Captain America suit. The agent Rodgers suit has a whole other meaning and symbolism behind it, very different from Captain America, just like other persona's that Steve has had through his past in the comics. Steve has also been "Nomad" and "The Captain", but I don't see anyone hear asking for elements from those suits.

Edit: think about it with a different character.. let's say Bucky... Bucky has had three main identities in the marvel universe so far.. Bucky, Winder Soldier, and Captain America... three different phases in his life.... so if a movie was made about him being Winter Soldier, would you want him wearing his Bucky Captain America outfit? Or parts of his Bucky Cap outfit? No, because it's a completely different meaning and persona of Bucky.

Now, back to Cap/Steve... if they ever make a "Steve Rodgers: Super Soldier" movie, then yes, he should wear that Agent Rodgers outfit, that's what it's meant for.

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