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Default Re: The Xbox One - Part 13

did they not shown any Killer Instinct stuff?

I'm kind of surprised they didn't.

and the more I think about the X and MS releasing it a mere 1 year after the S, the more I feel the S was truly an unneeded "stopgap" console.

Think about it. The purpose of the S was to be slimmer ( hence the S ) and an "intro" 4K machine. It stepped its toes into the 4K market, but didn't take the full plunge.

What does the X do?

It goes even smaller ( so even more slim than the S ) and it jumps all into the 4K pool.

So, did they even really need to release the S last year?

Couldn't they have held onto the original X1 for one more year, or maybe reveal Scorpio/X at the beginning of this year or in Spring for a Summer release ( now )?

If you are shopping for a 4K set and a 4K console this fall, why would you even choose the S? If you are spending that much on a 4K set and in need of a 4K player, for a few hundred $ more, you can get a console that's really geared for that 4K tv.

Even if you were considering buying the S this summer for you new 4K tv, why would you when you could wait a few more months, save up, and get a "true" 4K machine this fall.

it seems the S is now really geared towards consumers who don't own a 4K tv, which is doubly "pointless" because then it makes the 4K player in the S useless, and the original X1 was already geared towards non-4K tvs.

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