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Default Re: What was wrong with the current trilogy?

Originally Posted by RisanF View Post
One of the big problems is pretty much everything to with Cyclops. I know it feels more dangerous in this day and age to support the tough, gritty rebel rather than the stiff, straight-laced guy. But it's shifted the other way too much; now the audience simply expects Wolverine to get his way no matter what, and any competing character is dragged down one way or another. I think more writers need to hold the reigns on bad-boy characters to keep them, while learning how to write clean-cut characters with some real backbone.

The thing is, I know James Marsden can pull it off. I watched him in Hairspray, and he perfectly nailed the role of the slick, friendly TV host with real substance and line underneath. But Cyclops is never given the lines necessary to make his benevolent appearance seem genuine. I think this is a shame, because a properly written Cyclops can easily compete with the likes of Wolverine.
Most of Wolverine's lines should have been Cyclops...mostly X-3...if they didn't klll him...

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