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Default Re: What was wrong with the current trilogy?

On X3...they should have either used the Cure storyline or the Phoenix storyline...I would have preferred Phoenix just because X2 set up the Phoenix...with the Cure a possible X4...but they decided to combine the stories...and the running time also hurt the two stories...

...After Cyke, I say Rogue and Angel were terribly underused...with Angel just downright wasted in X3, more than Rogue IMO......I'm talking more for action I guess, they contributed their point of view from a story perspective, but I would have liked to see Rogue on an actual mission, not just training in the Danger Room, have Angel actually put on a uniform and join the X-Men on Alcatraz instead of sneaking and making a brief appearance at the end to save his dad...Rogue and Angel could have still contributed their issues/choices on the cure to the story while still be involved in the action I guess...not sure how to really word so I hope you guys understand......I guess that's my issues with some characters, they were used to contribute for certain story possibilities while being wasted in the action or left out altogether......

...I remember Cumming's issues from X2...but instead of just dropping Nightcrawler altogether from X3 I think Nightcrawler's portion of X-Men The Official Game could have been used in X3 now that I think about it...never played the game, but read what happened so I kinda have a what if Nightcrawler was in X3?...I say they could have used and reworked his Official Game storyline into X3 and just have him leave the X-Men after fighting in the "war" against Magneto and the Brotherhood. Well, I can only dream now.

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