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Default Re: The Official Metal Gear Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
No one is saying it isnt canon bc it was a PSP title. I think you are missing the point. As a portable title, it was downscaled experience. I could be wrong but I think what he meant that there wasnt another big console release in the series. After MGS4, 5 years ago, they left the home consoles and there wont be one again GZ is released whenever that happens.

And MGR isnt MGS as he said. The gameplay went in a completely different direction and while canon to the series, its also its own thing. I can see why he wouldnt count that as the next game in the MGS series, primarily for the new gameplay system. Its not the tactical espionage action from before.

As far as exploring the universe Kojima created, well that universe IS about the Snake characters. Everything he's done from the very beginning has revolved around their saga and he's never strayed from that. He explores that universe in each game he features them and adds new insight and layers to the overall story
This. Thanks for understanding where I was coming from.

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