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Default Re: The Official God of War Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Jick09 View Post
I thought you would give it a 5 or a 6 after all those complaints.

Well, I decided I won't get it. I had no fun with the single player demo and I'm simply not interested in the story. Specially after this lukewarm reception that it's been getting.
Yeah, it's hard to give ratings IMO because it's all about what you compare it to. For example: I gave Amazing Spider-Man a 7/10 as well, but this GoW game is miles better than that one still. Now I'd probably give ASM a 6/10 but the difference is still not represented in the score.

It has alot to do with what you expect from the game. ASM was a big step up from EoT and previous free roam games, which probably affected my rating of that one.

Ascension is a much better game than that one, but it's still a very big step down from previous GoW games. I pointed out mostly the bad stuff because compared to those other GoW games, it's a very big disappointment. Actually, the biggest disappointment I've ever felt about a game. But I'd still say it's better than the average action game, of course. It's just so much more frustrating when you know what SMS are capable of. So yeah, I think a 7/10 is an appropriate score for this game, though I'd probably give GoW 3 a 8.5/10 instead of 8/10.

Originally Posted by CrypticOne View Post
Nice review. Kinda makes me not even want to pick this up anymore though. SMS just needs to work on a new IP. I don't know what else they can do with this series. Instead of milk more money out of it, but with this game out, maybe people will not be as hyped for the next one.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
They should have left Kratos dead at the end of GOW3.
The only thing I can see them do is somehow take Kratos to another dimension with other gods ruling the Earth. Either Egyptian or Norse. Though I'm not sure those worlds would be as exciting as Greek mythology.

Either that, or start a completely new series.

Originally Posted by Sparta* View Post
This has to be the end of Kratos in GOW, there is simply no story left to squeeze out. Ascension is the prequel to GOW1, then theres GOW1, then the first PSP game, then GOW2, then another PSP game, then GOW3 where it ends, its completely milked dry. I can only see them making more GOW games if its a new character and new Gods entirely
In Ascension they never showed the start of Kratos alliance with Athena so there is still something left.

Originally Posted by Superhero 101 View Post
I am debating whether or not to buy it since I am about to finish my Finals and go on Spring Break or I'll just wait until summer or winter until the prices are low enough for me to buy
If I were you, I'd wait for a small price drop. However, as much as single player is extremely disappointing in GoW standards, the multiplayer is very, very fun! It's worth buying only for that.

Originally Posted by CrypticOne View Post
I can see why they tuned the combat down and made it more difficult. This game does take place before the first God of War, so things should be more difficult for Kratos. Building up combos and new moves, which really aren't new for the gamers playing, but for Kratos.

Only half of SMS was working on Ascension, correct? I assume the rest are working on the new God of War for PS4, if that's what they are working on.
That's a good point, but from a gameplay perspective it's still a stupid thing to do.

So, only half the studio? Well, that feels like a huge relief now! I feared SMS had kinda lost it, but now I can see why. So Stig is still left, that makes me happy! That means they must've worked on it since the release of GoW3. I'm very excited for what they'll bring to the PS4!

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