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Default Re: The Official God of War Thread - Part 1

Late to the party, but I just found out that they are going to lower the difficulty of the trials.

The gamers who complained about it are a bunch of crying *****es. I beat that **** on Titan difficulty 3 nights ago, and you know was by far not the hardest part in the game on Titan. I actually had a lot of fun with it, it's only the 1st phase that can be a pain in the ass, 2nd and 3rd are a cakewalk. I got my own system for phase 1 that works well. I can't believe, due to the age of the internet, gamers who suck are actually being listened to by the game creators.

On another note, I'm currently beating it on hard difficulty for the trophy. I think if you beat it on Titan, it should give it to you anyways.

Just one more trophy after that. I can't believe how ridiculously easy it is to get the 1000 hit combo trophy with that trick.

Although I really enjoyed the game, I do have some complaints. Some of them Oscorp pointed out already. Honestly, my biggest complaint is how this game holds your hand so much. It's as if the creators are catering to morons and gamers who suck(like the ones crying over the trials). By holding your hand I'm talking about when the camera zooms around showing you were to go, or showing you a level you have to pull. It's ridiculous how many times this game does this after clearing out a room full of enemies. I understand when it's showing you the environment change after pulling a switch, but sometimes it shows you were to go...even though there is only ONE path to take. I know the other games did this, but on my third play through, it's annoying.

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