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Default Re: Captain America vs Batman

Originally Posted by Ponyboy View Post
It happened in both of Frank Miller's Dark Knight books. Of course Batman can't beat Superman in a simple 1 on 1 fight... It's impossible. He has to beat him in other ways. Nevertheless, he did beat him.

And didnt Batman and Captain America fight and both "won"... a tie I think it was

Yea, but what part of "who would win in a FIGHT" Isn't clear?

They fought to a standstill using only their martial arts and fighting skill. If Cap is equal to him in fighting skill (which he is) then Bats is screwed. The super soldier serum gives Cap to much of an edge.

The OP is talking about a fight. Not a popularity contest or a game of cat and mouse though an urban landscape.

I clearly said Batman could outsmart them and out think them under certain conditions. He could even ambush Cap and defeat him, especially given enough prep time.

In a straight up fight (the subject of the thread) he is toast though.

Count me as personally not buying Bats EVER beating Superman without Kryptonite either. I don't care what the writers put in there. Its a classic case of Bats being overplayed because of how popular he is. Fact is though, there are many guys that could beat Supes with a bunch of Kryptonite. So thats not even relevant to me.

I'm not taking anything away from Batman. There are just certain power levels the characters have that are not related to popularity. Some are just outclassed by others in power level. In a straight up fight, some guys are screwed against others.

The Punisher is just in trouble if he's having to fight Wonder Woman. Just how it is.

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