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Default Re: Call Of Duty: Black Ops - 2

Originally Posted by Geo7877 View Post
Halo legitimized FPS games on consoles, and COD4 dethroned it.
I thought that was Goldeneye. It received world wide acclaim and sold over 8 million copies without any pc interference.

I still seems like popularizing to me. Practically all of these elements existing before hand. In the case of Call Of Dutys single player, practically nothing has changed, it's archaic, and not in the good doom way. I think the only reason o Halo and Call Of Duty are popular is because of accessibility which means more sales. Which is why other developers copied it (and continue to copy them). Personally, I don't consider this a good thing at all. If we look at the spectrum at a whole, this is streamlining and accessibility is going more and more in that direction. Coke can production line games with the gaming media telling you what to buy based on who has the most money for a PR team.

I feel consoles have had a pretty negative effect on the quility first person shooters and generally continue to do so. Not just on the pc for the specific genre of "fps" but other genres canniblized into COD such as turn based games, isometric games and strategy games. On the console side, the actual games consoles excel at, platformers, beat em up, racing games e.t.c... have also been shoved out the door (thank god for Nintendo) Everything homogenized latching on to Call Of Duty sales. It's pretty awful. I don't like it at all.

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