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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

Originally Posted by Whiskey Tango View Post
My list:

2) Not enough passage of time was conveyed with the montage.
This for me was a huge problem. After such a brilliant build up (everything up until the montage is near perfect IMO) where his origin is given plenty of time, his actual actions during WW2 become a montage which doesn't convey any weight to the job he's out there doing for America and the Allies.
And because it then all gets so CG heavy (I found it to be so fake looking) we suddenly go from a grounded first half to a cheesy sci fi romp with lazers, which shouldn't be what Cap's involvement and contribution to WW2 is about. There's a reason he's considered a legend in modern Marvel time, but because of the all too brief montage scenes, we don't get to see him earn that reputation properly.

Part of this could also be that he was fighting Hydra all the time. Perhaps spending a bit more time fighting actual Nazi's would have grounded this more in the reality we could relate to.

There's a shot of him running through the woods shooting his pistol with his allies behind him which the Avengers used for a brief second when introducing Cap, and I just wish the film had expanded on something like that. There was nothing weighty about his involvement in the war when all we get to see are him turning up and quickly dispatching Hydra troops.

I do love the film, and Chris Evans performance, I just get frustrated with it at times.

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