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Default Re: The Ultimate DC RPG - Season III: Sign-Up/OOC Thread

Best Hero: The Flash (Byrd Man). The character continues to evolve and give us something to play off of year in & year out.

Best Villain: Savage (Andy C). He made Savage into a belivable and threatening villain.

Best Character Development: Bane (Spike X1). It would be SO easy to make this character into a one trick pony, but Spike has brought some serious depth to him.

Best Solo Arc: Byrd Man: Flash Vs. Thawne. Cannot wait to see the fall out next season.

Best Multi-PC Story Arc: Justice Leage Vs The Legion of Doom. Love these arcs because everyone has to bring their A-Game to make it work.

Best Post: Byrd Man. Edward's Suicide. Never saw it coming. Very well done.

MVP: Byrd Man. He consistently turns out quality work and keeps us going.

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