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Default Re: Man Of Steel Trailer Crowd Reactions Thread

Originally Posted by BatSpider View Post
I have lived in the same area you have all my life and have never heard the audience clap during a trailer. If someone yelled out a "supermans back baby!" People would WTF out of their minds and tell her to stfu and stay quiet.
Well I've certainly never heard anything like that, either, lol. But random people clapping for a trailer (I'm talking 1-3 people tops)? Pretty common occurrence from my experience. What I've NEVER encountered is anyone telling someone else to STFU during trailers. People can be quite rude and chatty during them and no one ever tells them to shut up. And if someone does make a silly exclamation (which has happened a few times), people just laugh it off or groan depending on how cringe-worthy it is, lol. It's only when it's during the actual film that people start complaining.


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