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Default Re: Who should play Thanos?

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Vin isn't my first choice, by any means; but I wouldn't write him off for sounding like a New Yorker as opposed to an upper-crust British snob. Vin isn't an illiterate, and he can actually say big words without injuring his mouth or vocal cords or brain *too* much. He's got menace, both in look and tone of voice, so I'll give him that.
Sam, seein as you are a Thanos fan like myself, what kind of voice do you imagine him. I never imagined Thanos with a big evil menacing voice. I imagined his voice as calm, confident, a tid bit gravely, and is very articulate with a hint of arrogance in it. All this surrounded by a somewhat deep voice because of the simple fact that he is big, atleast 6'7.

Big and powerful and menacing, and deep and raspy is not how I imagine him, but I think I am the minority here.

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