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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

Originally Posted by Lady_Sif View Post
What will happen to Thor when he'd loose his most important connection to Midgard?

I think they might end the Thor / Jane relationship. The reason Sif is in love with him now unlike the first movie... could be a) They want to replace Jane with Sif or Jane will die. b) They simply want to level up the love relationship with a triangle.

Depending on how they'd do a Thor / Sif relationship, I'd be ok. I'd be 100% ok with a love triangle.... Also looking forward to Enchantress ruining Thor's relationship any time soon
Here is the thing I never understand. If he protects earth not because he like humanity and find them fascinating as a whole but because he infatuated with one female of the species - than it is very shallow and do not bode well for Midgard in long perspective. If she dies/broke up with him/become immortal and leave earth for good-than he will lose interest in humanity as "his main connection" will not connect him for with the planet any longer?

It is realistic, yes, (some man are only capable for loving children as long as they love their mother and as soon as love for her is gone so is the love for the children), but not very heroic or inspiring. She was an element (maybe the biggest I will give you that-but not the key one) to establish his interest in humanity-but just an element, not the main reason.

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