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Default Re: IF Christian Bale returns as Batman...

This is my theory/what I'd like to see: Bruce is overseas, living life. The whole thing with Supes happens in MoS, and it inspires Bruce to take up the mantle of Batman again. He returns to Gotham in secret. He never agains assumes the identity of Bruce Wayne, who still remains "dead" but uses his resources to continue to act as Batman, thus not really having to worry about his secret identity.

JGL of course would be Robin, but he'd remain in Gotham while Batman would travel to Metropolis with "The Bat".

He makes it his mission to investigate Superman and whether or not he could be trusted.

That's how I envision it, and I know everyone would hate on it. But I think it'd be cool.

Batman disappears and comes back all of the time in the comics. This way, you ahve al older (37) already established Batman. Maybe while he was overseas, he continued to hone his skills and repair his body.

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