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Default Re: BvS villain poll

Originally Posted by DChero View Post
I think that Black Mask should be saved for a Batman spin-off. He's a "boss" villain, if that makes sense. He seems too similar to Lex. I'd like some muscle like Deathstroke or Deadshot.
Hell yes to Deathstroke, no to Deadshot, Floyd Lawton would crap his pants when Superman dismantles his gun.

I think that for picking who would be good out of Batman's villains, we should also consider whether they'd be a good opponent for Superman as well. Most of Batman's foes would crap their pants when they see Superman.

Originally Posted by Rorschach2012 View Post
I'm thinking Joker, Luthor, and Metallo may be the way to go too. But that probably means no powersuit Lex, and I really want to see that.
I wouldn't use Joker as a)It steals even more focus away from Superman b)He'd crap his pants when he sees Supes flying at him from mach 5 and this isn't the cartoon-verse where everything magically translates well.

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