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Default Re: BvS villain poll

I'm not a big fan of Brainiac. I'd be just as happy to never see him appear.

My choices would be Luthor, and maybe Scarecrow or Desaad. The idea of Lex working willingly, or perhaps as a pawn with someone who could manipulate Batman and Superman on a whole other level from Luthor interests me.

Two or three villains might be too complicated. If it's truly a Batman vs. Superman film, my best guess is that Batman is working on a way to take out Superman, as is Lex Luthor. I don't see Batman ever seriously working with Luthor, not even to take out Suprman (unless Luthor has been mostly clean up to this point).

Unless they get all twisty, and the entire "versus" is really a set-up to get Luthor to show his hand on the weapons he was working on. That could be fun.

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