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Default Re: Latest Anime you watched? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Lucien View Post
Recently finished Trigun. The final episode could've had a bit more closure to it, and Knives' condition seemed somewhat ambiguous at the end there, but I absolutely loved it from start to finish. Wolfwood's arc in the final few episodes was brilliant and actually elevated the show somewhat I thought.

Currently watching Baccano! and Tenchi Universe.
Trigun's a classic...quirky and an acquired taste perhaps....but some very cool stuff.

Originally Posted by Ironhorse75 View Post
Gurren Lagann. Classic.
Also a very good one with incredible music. Have you seen Gunbuster 2?

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Originally Posted by Matt
Plus, is the infatuation that teenage girls have with pseudo-vampires any less sad than your infatuation with men in spandex and Heath Ledger? Its probably more justifiable for them. :)
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