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Default Re: Race changes that wouldn't bother you

Originally Posted by Endeavor View Post
I believe his points about diversity having to be thought of as something more than race are valid, and that is what I was commenting about, not his beef with your point of view or assumptions of your beliefs.
I will add that I disagree with you on comics and superheroes being about physically superior beings and therefore automatically excluding the obese and handicapped. That might have been true in the golden and silver age of comics but there is no reason to continue with that mentality nowadays.
I like the way you post, sir. I agree, diversity is definitely more than about race. And I would agree that handicaps do not necessarily prevent physical superiority, ala Daredevil, or, in a way, Professor X. Powers can 'make up' for that and still allow a differently abled person to carry that power fantasy wish fulfillment. I would suggest that the tendency is for their limitations to become a big part of the story, certainly their origin story, and that it's more interesting that way, but sometimes that theme can conflict with other themes of the character. Spider-Man's free spirited jesting wouldn't be the same, story-wise, if he were deaf. There are exceptions, however... I remember a character in a wheelchair on an old cartoon called Extreme Ghostbusters, and the chair never came up. He just rolled through and kicked massive amounts of tail. It was a little bit awesome.

So now you have me thinking about characters who I wouldn't mind seeing with physical handicaps. Kudos.

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