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Default Re: Race changes that wouldn't bother you

Originally Posted by weezerspider View Post
1. My opinion that a character sucks isn't wrong. In the mainstream universe, 616, Spiderman isn't a legacy character. Spiderman 2099 and Ultimate Spiderman are different canon, so I'm not necessarily wrong in that category either.
It doesn't make it any less funny though.

2. Ok so stories need to be diverse. I agree, but we have some of that already for a jumping off point. Captain America stories are diverse thanks to Falcon. Iron Man stories are diverse thanks to Rhodey. Spidey's got the Robinsons, Prowler ect. If your assuming I want all characters in each story to be a particular race, your once again making offensive assumptions. It also gives the option of not only creating new 'diverse' heroes, but new diverse supporting characters. That would solve that problem, not to mention there is already those characters as I've just mentioned.
No one has that problem. What people experience is: I'm doing the story of Fantastic Four. How do I make this thing modern? I've got this great black actor that I like to work with... what do I do? Making up a new black member of the Fantastic Four isn't an option. If you're going to make up a black blind girl to fall for The Thing... why not just call her Alicia Masters, because that's what she is, essentially.

3. The fact is I want the comic characters to be as close to the source material in film. Also, not every comic book character was created in the 1960's. Again, you worded it like that for a reason. I'm not stupid.
So, you want all the comics based in the 60s to be period pieces like X-Men First class? If not, then you don't want it to be as close as possible, you want it changed in certain ways. We can extend this to any decade just as easily, but virtually every franchise made after the 70s are significantly diverse already.

I did word it like that for a reason, but, as I've explained, it's not to call you racist.

4. Sorry, but when someone seemingly implies I'm racist, I get a little pissed off. Also, comparing someone with 'ill motivated' people over something like this is extremely offensive. If when you were in school you wouldn't compare your teachers to Hitler because, like a dictator, they had ultimate authority, would you?
That's understandable, that why I took the time to clarify the implication. to further clarify: The implication is that everyone who supported racism was not necessarily racist themselves. Some were just averse to change. That did not make them racist, did it? This is not a passing coincidence like liking 60s music. Many people who supported segregation had absolutely no problem with black people whatsoever. That's just the reality of racism. You really only need a few racist people as long as everyone else buys into the status quo, they'll keep enforcing decisions based on racism in perpetuity, without ever being racist themselves.

So when someone says something to the effect of "I just want things to stay the same" when it comes to race, I immediately think of all of those people. Maybe it's not nice to compare you to all those complicit folk, but the correlation seems so direct, I feel like it bears mentioning.

5. So we agree. Its EASIER for Marvel or DC or whoever to legacy characters or whatever. I think thats lazy. Nine times out of ten, the easiest way to do something in art, especially storytelling, is sloppy and weak. I don't want Marvel doing that. Do the hard thing and the hard work will be rewarded with some great characters.

But, the internet is a silly thing and emotions can't always be correlated, so perhaps I assumed too much on you implying I'm racist, but you clearly wrongly assumed a few things on my thoughts on the subject. Regardless, it doesn't matter. I apologize for being a bit hostile.
I don't think the issue is laziness so much as safety. It's a safer investment of time and energy and resources to remake a flagging character as a minority. Anything you do with an original character would be enhanced by having a popular legacy behind him. Now it's true, that that legacy does inspire laziness, where they don't feel like they have to make a name for this character because they already have a famous name, right? I see that.

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