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Default SSR ... SHIELD ...strategic homel ... wait

Posted this in the AOS forums.

Mods, if you thing this thread is useless, please lock it.

Unless Marvel Studios made a mistake somewhere, this could reveal something about SHIELD and/or Coulson :

- In Iron Man 1, Coulson keeps calling the organization "Strategic Homeland ............ etc.." ... Stark tells him "you've got to get a shorter name for that" , to which Coulson replies "we are working on it"... and at the end of the movie, he calls it "SHIELD"

- now let's go back to the 1940's : SHIELD used to be called SSR (correct me if I'm wrong); then, after the events of CATFA, in the one shot Agent Carter, Howard Stark says "SHIELD"

So if it was already called SHIELD back then, why would Coulson systematically (almost like a robot) refer to it a "Strategic Homeland etc" until the end of the movie when he finally says "SHIELD" ?

It's like he was slowly being reprogrammed; or is he like super old ?

Regarding SHIELD itself, when we know what's about to happen CATWS, is it possible that it had already been through internal battles/directors being overthrown before ? Has it been rebuilt/re-renamed ?

As I said, it could just be a mistake from Marvel Studios ... or perhaps an inside joke

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