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Default Re: Anyone prefer Iron Man over Dark Knight?

Having watched both back to back yesterday, I still have to go with The Dark Knight over Iron Man for the simple fact that Iron Man is a safe picture.

It's a very good picture. It's the best Marvel first film in their entire filmography...but it's still a safe picture. The score and the third act are its failures. They're no where near fatal but failures nonetheless.

Given that The Dark Knight had Batman Begins to get the origin out of the way, you could say it has an advantage over Iron Man but that doesn't change the fact that Nolan could've played it safe as well with his sequel. He resurrected Batman for WB and the audiences. All he had to do was go bigger, not mess up the formula, and could've sat back and racked in money.

Instead, he goes for the throat. Yes, after two years, a few flaws begin to show but it doesn't change the fact that once that film gets going, it engages like no other film I've seen in recent memory.

Given all that, I find it remarkable that Iron Man and Batman are the two biggest franchise...and yet the main characters are exactly the same, one slanted more towards the darker side than the other...but still the same character.

What we have, as fans of the genre, is an opportunity to have two perfect trilogies completed by 2013.

We missed it with X-Men. We missed it with Blade. We missed it with Spider-Man. Daredevil and Fantastic Four never really had a chance. Hulk is too tough to figure out on screen.

I'm having a great time with both of these franchises even though I favor the Bat over Tony Stark just because he's one of my all time favorite fictional characters. Still, I'm glad Iron Man and Batman are going head to head. It makes for good conversation.

Still, at the end of the day, we should thank our lucky stars that Favreau and Nolan have done these two characters justice.

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