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Default Re: Worst Marvel Studio's movie so far?

Iron Man 1 is my favourite, it tells a story of an arrogant douche who is humbled and becomes a good guy out of responsibility and realises whats most important in life.

Next would be Thor which had just the right amount of comedy, the best MCU villlain in Loki's performance and a good story from arrogance to love.

Next is Captain America which had a wonderful telling of the hero inside and a great period setting, with good supporting characters.

Iron Man 2 next, would've been great without Black Widow being shoehorned in and the back to being a douche story for the first half. War Machine and Whiplash made the movie.

Next would be Iron Man 3, a disapointing movie that plays with the audience by baiting and switching too much but has a solid performance from RDJ and Paltrow

The Incredible Hulk next, much preferred the original cast, Abomination was great, the rest meh. and finally...

Originally Posted by the last son View Post
Not trolling I just didn't like the movie. Why would I be trolling. Guy put Avengers in the poll and I answered. I went in with the wrong expectations I guess. I though they would kick it up a notch with a more serious tone and I was wrong. They took it down a few notches from all movies combined. It was all about making money instead of making a movie with a serious tone. How many jokes did Captain America make in TFA? What about Hulk? How silly was he in TIH? What about Thor? Other than smashing a cup he was all business. Also, Loki. He did that smile every two minutes in this movie and got beat up more than he was menacing. Just a bad movie. I haven't seen it since it first came out and don't plan on paying for another Marvel movie again. I guess I'm not the demographic. I want comic movies to be taken seriously. I'm not there to watch a popcorn flick. Iron Man 3 was the nail in the coffin. How Downey can demand all that money and look as bored and disinterested is beyond me. I mean yea, the script and movie was terrible and he confirmed it with his performance. Probably the same thing I talked about where these movies don't challenge anyone or any ideas other than to just crack jokes.
Pretty much this for me too. i expected a continuation of the characters motivations, characteristics, story ect... but all there was was one-liner comedy, action and a thinner than paper story.


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