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Default Re: Gal Gadot IS Wonder Woman! - - - - Part 16

I've noticed that unlike the male castings whenever Gal Gadot is brought up the issue seems to be centred purely around how she looks - her height, her weight, her boobs etc That's why in some ways I am glad John Campea is there to put things in perspective: her image should be the least of our concerns. The questions is, can Gal Gadot act?

From the little I've seen of her she's been, well, rubbish. Having said that, the direction she was given in those films was clearly to just "be hot" and she was cast in those roles to "be hot". I've never seen her with material that demands real emotion and this is what concerns me the most - what is Snyder planning to do with the character? If she's just there to be a sex object for the boys then it's safe to say that Campea is spot on.

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