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Default Re: Jamie Foxx IS Electro - Part 1

Originally Posted by Spiderdevil View Post
And what's ironic is that he will defend the flaws of Nolan's trilogy to death even if everyone thinks they are flaws.
And he invents flaws about anything remotely Spider-man
That's true. We are all too blind to see TASM's flaws but the flaws in TDKR are not there. It's just us being stupid and not understanding the movie, which is kinda funny since I love BB and TDK and he is suggesting that I just suddenly turned my brain off for TDKR. lol

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
I was wrong?

No, afraid I wasn't since I was not speaking on Lizard killing Captain Stacy, but keep thinking what you want, Picard.
He answered it for you very well:
Originally Posted by Picard Sisko View Post
Sorry Anno, but you clearly said he did not kill. Should have been more specific.
Now, let's move on from the stupidity. Electro in TASM 2 .....

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