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Default Re: OK...its time.....Man of Steel vs Superman Returns - Part 1

if they had just made an original movie, with a more modern world, it could have worked.

Routh was good as superman, as clark, he could have portrayed a good loner.. i mean, if you merged MOS with SR it would have been perfect - albeit similar to superman 2.

Start off with a nomad Clark, around the globe, not sure what to do, he uses his powers, he finds and has the fortress.

Decides to bridge the gap by donning the kryptonian uniform and helping the world.

A dormant craft that followed the signal sent from Kal El's pod - crash landed on earth a long time ago - is discovered, the occupants wake up and lex corp work with them to take down superman.

Anyways, i prefer MOS over SR, but i do wish MOS had fleshed out some moments - prehaps for each flash back scenes, have clark narrate as he speaks to lois - wold have shortened the flash back scene where he hid in cupboard, clark could easily tell that story, describing how it looked, with a brief montage anyways, i do have hopes for sequel... despite the rumours of a busy script again

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