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Default Re: OK...its time.....Man of Steel vs Superman Returns - Part 1

First, I loved MOS, if you're a hater, don't bother reading on.

Next, I would rather watch Quest for Peace, arguably the worst Reeve
Superman movie, than Superman Returns.

I loved Reeve as Superman, saw him back in 78 and boy was that film something. I remember coming out of the cinema feeling like I could fly.
Yes, if you see them now, the special effects are a bit dated, but for its
time it was the epitome of awesomeness.

Reeve was charming, he had the look, he didn't take himself that seriously, and always ended with a smile to the audience as he flew off
into the horizon.

Superman returns was awful, it was a mopey Superman with an imitation of Reeve's look, but none of his charm. He moped, he looked sad, but didn't do anything about it.
Worst of all, his Superman was a moron, dumb enough to land on an whole continent which was mostly composed of THE ONE ****ING ELEMENT IN THE UNIVERSE THAT COULD KILL HIM !!!!

That wasn't Routh's fault, the wooden acting was, but that last bit was 100% the writers, did they have a total brain melt, who knows ?

Kevin Smith was 100% right, Superman returns was ****ing boring.

Anyway, enough about that. If you like Superman returns, fair enough,
everyone is entitled to their opinion. In fact I'm glad you did, because
then you got your money's worth. I came out of that film thinking that I got ripped off, and wanted my money back.

At the end of Ted, when Patrick Stewart is slagging off Routh and Superman
returns, he's taken the words right out of my head.

Okay, onto MOS ! Loved it. Because Snyder and co had the balls to change stuff, to make a Superman for the 21st century. Yeah, it was
a bit darker than Reeve, but at least they realized they had to make
it different - that Reeve/Donner was great in its time (and still great
for nostalgia value), but its not reflective of today's world.

In MOS, Superman drank beer, did the dishes, loved his mom, had chest hair, he frowned. He was a man of few words, he grunted when performing
heroic feats, and he threw punches (about ****ing time !), somebody
messes with his mom, and POW ! Cavill did a great job.

I came out of MOS with the same feeling I had as a little kid coming out
of Superman the movie.

I reckon Reeve was a slightly better Superman, (only just) but Cavill
was still a good Superman, and also in a better film, supported by a much better cast.

Russell Crowe was definitely a better Jor El. Great villains, great job by Shannon, and Antje Traue was hot and deadly at the same time.
Costner was a great Pa Kent, Diane Lane, best Ma Kent ever.
but the real surprise was how great Amy Adams was as Lois Lane
(Amy Adams is a terrific actress, but the writers need some credit for
that one, well played Goyer).

Anyway, I loved MOS, it may not be Reeve, but it was Superman for the 21st century, a darker more troubled time.

Superman Returns...... not even close.

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