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Default Re: OK...its time.....Man of Steel vs Superman Returns - Part 1

What I love about MOS is they made Clark/Kal the quintessential Regular Joe, which is very fitting for his place in the world today. There is nothing wrong with his bumbling alter ego and super boy scoutness of the Silver Age. I enjoy that stuff greatly, but that is of it's time. This Clark is a working man. He still has that altruism, but it isn't as blatant or OTT. I think some people still have that Silver Age mindset when it comes the character. There is nothing wrong with liking it or even preferring it, but some don't even try to accept it. I have this one acquaintance who is a comic book geek but all he does is read Silver Age and dismisses most newer stuff because he lumps it all into the category of "too dark and serious."

He doesn't have the knowledge to even know that it's not like that with every comic.

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