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Default Re: The Official PS4 Thread - Part 3

You've never been a disgruntled employee? Ever? Read what I posted above there.. He's been greatly unhappy with the direction of the company (Xbox division) for the past 20 months. He also very rarely talks normal.. He types in code so places like IGN etc can't copy and paste what he says... It also helps him not get caught.

You're right, I suppose he can't tell if PSN will be better.. But if Live end up as bad as he's hinting it's not like PSN would have to try hard to be better. The only thing Live had over them was party chat to begin with.. Now that's out the window..

If you question whether or not he's legit or not he has one of them highest track records on Neogaf and has been confirming, denying, leaking stuff since the original 360 days.

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