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Default Re: The Official PS4 Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by SpideyVille View Post
Convenience is all it really is. I mean, could you play NES games on a SNES, or SNES on Gamecube? No, and that's what made the Wii's Virtual Console such a great idea at the time, since it was supposed to be an easy, affordable and convenient way of reliving all of your favorite childhood games on one console. But even with that, there were plenty of games that were never available and if you really wanted to play it again, you had the option of waiting to see if they would add it eventually, or just hook up your old system to play it.
Yeah and it makes the decision simple for serious gamers who can afford it. But even well-off hardcore gamers don't usually have space for 17 systems. I'd buy all new consoles at launch if it were the case and sell or give away the old ones. Could keep each of the 3 linked to a TV in a different room so that they all get used. As of now, despite very much wanting to, I hardly ever replay my old consoles as it involves work getting them out and setting them up and then putting them back.

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