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Default Re: Is Thor "Too Difficult" A Character To Do Well?

Originally Posted by Marvel_SKE View Post
I don't agree with the saying that says: "Thor is not relatable because he's not human or he's invulnerable....

I do not think that for a hero to be relatable is that he has to be a human, or he has to have weaknesses...but i simply think because of what they do, how they overcame such adversity, and after everything that has been through, it makes them grown as character. And Thor here, like DC' Superman, what makes him relatable is not that he is a god or he cannot be seriuosly injured, but of what he do that defines him.

Thor, (for me) is the most relatable Marvel character...
like in Thor 1, how he has grown from a selfish arogant man into a selfless being who willing to make a sacrifice to help the people he cared and loved, the people who have helped him grown. or Like in JMS's arc where Thor doesnt care about his own life whatsoever in order to help Sif. Or how Thor always had an issue with his father, and whatever circumstances or adversity that he has been through, it leads him grown to become a better man, a better king.

To me, that was truly inspiring moment, because everybody in daily life has this kind of journey within themselves, a journey towards redemption to become a better man themselves.

Yes, Thor (and also Superman) can not be seriously injured, but i remembered the line from The Dark World trailer where Malekith said: "your bravery will not ease your pain.."). Maybe you cannot touch his skin, but you can break and injured his HEART.

*sorry i'm not really good at writing or explaining (but i hope everyone's get the point) That's what Thor really is to me, and what makes i love about him, So bottom line, to answer the question of this thread, the answer is No.
I don't find Thor relatable at all, but yeah, I understand and agree wholly with your argument. Thor may be uber, but he still finds his humanity, particularly in Thor 1. In Avengers and, not so much. Maybe that's why I found him underwritten in those two movies, and found Thor 1 to be the best exploration of the character so far.


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