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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
Yeah, Craving is not nearly the worst thing in the FOTW episodes. To me personally, nothing will ever beat Kinetic. I hate that episode with a passion. Power and Spirit are like Homecoming and Rosetta compared to Kinetic. God, I hate that ****.
I actually liked(or at least didn't mind) Kinetic. My picks for worst S1 episodes(for argument sake my worst S1 episode wouldn't even make my worst 30 list) would be

Shimmer - boring(save the hot tub scene. lol)
Reaper - another boring episode
Crush - I can't really explain this one but I didn't care for it

HM: Obscura. the A-plot was the worst(most ridiculous) plot of any S1 episode(Lana gets the vision of the guy who is committing crimes after a gas explosion), the only reason I wouldn't consider it worst is the b and c plots saved it

In the case of Craving, I always remember it had a great last scene(Clark and Lana watching cartoons) and it also I believe was the first scene between Chloe and Lex

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