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Default Re: Iron Man: The Animated Series (201?) - Part 1

I hope it turns out good. All I need to know is tone/art style for the show. And who is the writers and producers on it. And hopefully it turns out to be a good show. And like I said in tv section just cause of the mistakes they made with usm shouldn't deter all future shows. Everything isn't going to be just usm style. More so if its over before this series ever makes it out. Also who's to say loeb/joe q is going to be in total control of all future shows. For all we know they could just be a more hands off control and be just in name producers like stan lee is on any marvel product. And judt be the dudes to sign the checks and who ever is show runners have more control. Or what if loeb leaves marvel, quiets, is fired, steps down.

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