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Default Re: Iron Man: The Animated Series (201?) - Part 1

Originally Posted by RealIrOnMaN View Post
Thought about something, regarding the new show and its ramifications:

1) The announcement possibly means, that Marvel might cancel Armored Adventures (besides, only a few episodes left before the end of Season 2 and they got all the plot lines sorted out nicely) in favor of the new series.

2) Perhaps Disney/Marvel perfectly understands that RDJ won't be there forever for Iron Man franchise (you know, no problems with IM3 and Avengers 2, but after that the age and the desire to do other projects can really get in the way), so they decided that the best way to keep the character's popular status alive is through the other project and the new comic books (Fraction is officially out).
Third season

Story Editor Brandon Auman says work for a third season is being talked about in December 2011 and specifically introducing Wolverine to the series if the third season is confirmed.
On May 25th 2012, James Harvey reported from Nicktoons that the 2012 finale will be a specific season end, and not a series end. "The network is slated to air new episodes of Iron Man: Armored Adventures weekly through the summer, up to the final episodes of the second season."Nicktoons has not confirmed when such third season will be released such as tie-in for the 2013 Iron Man 3 live action movie or 2014. No major plotline of such third season has been revealed.

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