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Default Re: Iron Man: The Animated Series (201?) - Part 1

Originally Posted by RealIrOnMaN View Post
considering that the last time the character's long and rich history was given a proper treatment was back in the 90's with the Iron Man Animated Series Season 2.
THANK YOU IRON ZEALOT! I wish more people, young and old would take the time and sit down watch this entire mid 90's, 13 episode 2nd season of IRON MAN (and FANTASTIC FOUR's 2nd season) from beginning to end. It is THE pinnacle of 90's perfection of how a Marvel comic book property animated series should be handled.

The gravitas, the voice casting, the tone, the animation, the character designs, the music, the Marvel Universe inclusion, the adherence to weave source material from current and classic comics was impeccable. A feeling (just like FF S2) as a viewer as if you were literally air-dropped into the on going Marvel Universe. And a feeling I haven't had since, till maybe AVENGERS EARTH'S MIGHTIEST HEROES. And even THAT was built from the ground up unlike IM 90's which didn't club you over the head with origins.

From DC, YOUNG JUSTICE is the one I would point to from DC that gave me feeling even over JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED. JLU was more of a developing universe wrought from BTAS and moreover STAS continuity. And YJ you felt like you were just boom-tubed in into an on going DCU as a viewer.

I STILL haven't seen an IRON MAN animation adaptation come close since. SOME might even consider it (both seasons) the first actual Avengers animated series!? Because it was essentially the West Coast Avengers/Force Works concept where IM was a lil more lone wolf in the uber-enhanced and retooled season 2. The lineup was;

Iron Man
War Machine
Scarlet Witch

My ONLY quibble at the time I remember was that due to some bizarro rights issues they had to substitute Hawkeye for Captain America in S2. In the episodes "Armor Wars" (in the vault), and "Iron Man On The Inside" (when IM shrinks down to enter Cap's body and treat Steve's eroding and toxic SSS in the comics) Hawkeye ends up pinch-hitting for Cap and I couldn't get my head around it at the time and made me hate individual character rights pettiness. I REALLY wanted to see Cap return in animation because he hadn't been seen since the Spidey-Friends at the time.

The Mandarin's perfect portrayal on that show is the Mandarin that's always my ideal Mandarin forever seared into my brain. And one of the key reasons I really disliked the IM3 film utter irresponsible butchering of the character.

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