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Default Re: Famke finally speaks her mind about the treatment of Phoenix in X3

Nice interview, Famke seems quite laid back here.

Dark Phoenix was really underdeveloped in the movie but we already knew that didn't we? It's good that she's finally come clean about it.

Anyone notice how the behind the scenes goings on this movie (same on Superman) seem to be far more interesting than movie itself?
Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
I would love an extended edition; others want to just forget the movie and move on and yet they don't seem able to move on...
Same here. It depends on how much footage is added though.
Originally Posted by flavio_lebeau View Post
The major problem was on FOX (oh so new argument). They wanted WOLVERINE to be the center, and clearly Wolverine was in 95% of the movie (even if Hugh didn't push for it), so they neglected Phoenix and most other cool characters, like Mystique, Rogue, blah blah blah. They still added the damn cure, which was a great plot, but that could never be stuffed in a movie about Phoenix, with only 1h 44m.
Yeah but Ratner should also take part of the blame for that.
So what was the biggest scene you shot to fit your own sense... that's different from the previous two films? What will people who know your work as a director see as distinctively something of yours?

Ratner: I don't think it's a shot. I don't think it's something like Spike Lee with the shot of the guy floating down the street. (laughter) I think it's more of an energy. If you watch the other movies and you watch this movie, I think this movie has a pace that's my kind of ADD frenetic... I get bored very easily so... next scene, next scene, next scene, keep it moving, keep it moving, keep it moving... I mean, did you fall asleep at all in the film or no? A few times?


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