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Default Re: Can Men be Trusted? With your Woman.

Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
You cannot trust ANY guy with your girl. Whether you can trust the girl or not depends on your situation...but guys can NEVER be trusted.

Forget about the fact that every day best friends are sleeping with their best buds girlfriends and wives...Ive known people whos BROTHERS have made moves on their girlfriends and wives. I know a guy whos DAD made a move on their girl.

If you trust ANY guy, you are a fool. The best thing would be to find a girl you can trust.
I think this speaks volumes more about the character traits and values of certain people than it does their gender. I've known both men AND women who will try to move in on someone else's significant other. However, I have also known A LOT more people who will NOT try to move in on another's person's significant other regardless of whatever attraction they may feel towards them.

All of this trying to apply blanket rules such as the one above to human relationships is nonsense and fallible from conception.


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