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Default Re: Can Men be Trusted? With your Woman.

Lets have some fun:

1) With my ex, I couldnt trust guys because she was smokin hot (an ex stripper - my mistake number 1).

2) I couldnt trust HER with guys because a) she was super flirty; b) she was way too trusting, c) most of her guy "friends" were OBVIOUSLY just out to get with her (one time, one of these "innocent friends" reached up her skirt and grabbed her bare ass RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME (needless to say I pummelled the guy). I'm a fan of preventing problems, she...not so much. (my mistake number 2)

3) I couldnt trust her around girls either, because she was bi. I've seen her make out with, and heard about her sleeping with girls (even while having a bf) prior to dating her (my mistake number 3). When we first started dating, she even cheated on me with two girls for the amusement of some guys a party (her sobbing apology - and the horny guy in me - made me forgive her (mistake number 4).

List goes on....but hey, I got to do an (ex)stripper for 3+ years...

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