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Default Re: Can Men be Trusted? With your Woman.

Originally Posted by jaguarr View Post
I think this speaks volumes more about the character traits and values of certain people than it does their gender. I've known both men AND women who will try to move in on someone else's significant other. However, I have also known A LOT more people who will NOT try to move in on another's person's significant other regardless of whatever attraction they may feel towards them.

All of this trying to apply blanket rules such as the one above to human relationships is nonsense and fallible from conception.

Except that, in order to survive, a species must learn to assess the risks in a given situation. Dont go in there because snakes are likely to hide there, that sort of thing. Humans are likely the only species that not only works to keep their weaker traits active, but attempts to shun survival instincts. In this is a REASONABLE assumption that if you have an attractive girlfriend, then even your best friends will want to hook up with her. Men are primal creatures, and when they see a girl they want, the tendency is to shut off the morality of the situation and just go for it (it is probably a form of retardation). To just say "I wont accuse an entire gender or make blanket assumptions" is like saying "Oh, that snake looks friendly, even though 100 of my friends have been eaten by snakes". Its not even a matter of trust with your girl. What if your best friend decides to rape her? What? You trust that your friends would never rape? In this case your desire to shut off your natural survival instincts have led to your girlfriend being emotionally and potentially physically scarred.

The point is...dont use humanity as an excuse to foster suicidal behavior. Its great that we nurture our sickly and frail, but dont just shut off your animal instincts to the dangers other people may present.

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